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About the Author

A Thrill Yes, But Much More

Running into the air stirs our imagination like few freedoms can. But this freedom does not come without some difficultly and this web sites hopes to minimize that difficulty and increase awareness of this sport, especially for those who may not be aware of the many choices available to them.

What's In A Name

The term paramotor, along with other names such as powered paragliding, has been used since the sport's inception. Unfortunately, one company, Paramotor Inc. in Oyster Bay, NY trademarked the name Paramotor. Although this was likely illegal, they knew that few would have the stomach to any legal battles. So Paramotor Inc. in Oyster Bay, NY capitalized on the name's prevalence and profers legal threats and coersion to those who they feel threatened by.

The most glaring evidence of this comes whenever someone tries to list their paramotor on E-Bay. Even if the seller follows the rules, E-Bay will bow to pressure placed on them by the heavy-handed tactics employed by Paramotor Inc.

The Real Skinny

The company uses these methods primarily because it caters to an unknowing public who is not aware of the significant challenges facing foot launchers and the need for thorough training. Importantly, they do now make potential buyers aware of how difficult it would be to use their machines for foot launching, especially compared with the current modern crop of gear available to new entrants. 

The most telling fact is that NO CURRENT SCHOOL advertises or recommends the Paramotor brand for foot launching. The machines are well built and entirely appropriate for cart launching but that is, unfortunately, not what many potential clients are after. 

Best Advice

This web site offers answers and links to places where good information can be found. Most important is to get good instruction from a reputable, certified paramotor instructor. A list is available at under schools & clubs.

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